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I Started a Blog

This is a first for me, I have never written a blog before. I am super excited to get this going and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I think I am going to.

Photo Credit: Always Smiling Photography

To me there is just something very open and honest about blogging as a photographer. It gives all of you wonderful people a chance to have fun along side me and experience the amazing and beautiful moments I have been so lucky to capture.

I have an opportunity to express myself and recap on the sessions or an entire day’s events for all of you to relive with me. The families and friends, babies, children, parents and grandparents who have all allowed me into their lives for these events and milestones…you all will get to meet them too!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Bennett Photography


Photo Credit: Rebecca Bennett Photography

I hope you can tell I love what I do, it means so much to me, and it seems so uplifting and fulfilling for me to be able to share it.

With every session I do I get to preserve those moments for you to hold onto forever, there is something so special about that, I cannot even explain how much joy it brings me and how honored I am every time a new client or reoccurring client picks me to do that for them.

This blog and the stories from every session create such a lasting impression on me, and help mold me into the photographer I am now, and the one I will grow to be in the future.

Pitt Meadows Golf Course, Photo Credit: Rebecca Bennett Photography

I love everything that comes with being a photographer. There is joy and laughter, emotion, sadness, bittersweet moments, once in a lifetime moments, memories and even just chapters that will continue to change for every single person, family, and group of people, but I get to experience them and capture them and I am humbled by that.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Bennett Photography

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